[ltt-dev] LTTng project update: April 8th 2011 edition

Yannick Brosseau yannick.brosseau at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 10:52:30 EDT 2011

LTTng project update: April 8th 2011 edition

Here's a summary of what have happen in the last weeks.


Mathieu Desnoyers and David Goulet are presenting UST at the Linux 
summit which is held this week in San Francisco.

Releases summary

* LTTng 0.247 and 0.248 with LTTng-modules 0.19.8 were released for the
    linux kernel 2.6.38 support.
* UST 0.12 was released.
    Apart from lot of bug fixes, this release add support for ARM.
    It introduce an new ustctl command line tool and with it the 
libustcmd was
    renamed to libustctl. This changed the API, so you will need to 
update your
    program if you were using the libustcmd library.
* LTTV 0.12.38 was released.


* Ubuntu PPA was updated with the latest UST and LTTV

* For those running RPM based distribution, packages for UST, LTTV and
   ltt-control can be found on the OpenSuse build service

Eclipse videos

Thanks to Alexandre Montplaisir, screencast were made to explain how to 
and use Ecipse LTTng plugin on Ubuntu.

Demo virtual machine

We've just released a demonstration virtual machine. The image of this
contains all the software of the lttng project preinstalled. This include
the Kernel tracer, the userspace tracer (UST), control tools, LTTV and
Eclipse with the LTTng plugin.
It can be found in KVM and VMWare format at:

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