[ltt-dev] eclipse liblttvtraceread version

Alexandre Montplaisir alexandre.montplaisir at polymtl.ca
Thu Apr 7 13:43:31 EDT 2011

Hi Mike,

On 11-04-07 01:29 PM, Mike Walczak wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get eclipse to show the lttng trace...
> Can anyone tell me which version of liblttvtraceread lib I need to get
> older trace to come up?
> I'm trying to display traces for target kernel
> with following lttng components installed
> patch-2.6.16-lttng-0.5.69.tar.bz2.
> ltt-control-0.10-12062006
> ltt-usertrace-0.12
> userspace-rcu-0.5.4
> ust-0.12
> LinuxTraceToolkitViewer-0.8.47-12062006
> When I open a trace I get the following
> exception (I downloaded/compiled/installed the latest version of the
> trace reader, which I guess isn't the right thing to do in this case):
> --Mike
> FedoraBox liblttngtrace-7298415]$
> org.eclipse.linuxtools.lttng.trace.LTTngTraceException:
> ERROR : Unrecognized/unsupported trace version.
> Library reported a trace version 200.113.
> Make sure you installed the Lttv library that support this version
> (look for liblttvtraceread-200.113.so).

According to the compatibility list[1], LTTng version 0.5.69 outputs the
trace format version 0.7, which is only supported by really old versions
of LTTV. The Eclipse TMF viewer only supports versions 2.3, 2.5 and 2.6
. (Funny that it reports "200.113")

However, traces generated by UST are all in the 2.6 format, so those
would be viewable in Eclipse.



Alexandre Montplaisir
École Polytechnique de Montréal

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