[ltt-dev] Getting current process from Log files

Radhika Chowdary radhika.putty at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 03:54:47 EDT 2011


We are implementing importer for LTTng and not using any existing C parser
or linuxtools plugins. I need some info on how we get the currently running
process. From what i see from the existing C parser code i understand its
the sched_schedule event which can help in getting currently running
process. We get the timestamp of when a sched change event happened and add
the process to the stack with timestamp. So any event occuring after the
sched_schedule event we get the process that was scheduled in as currently
running process. Is my understanding currect. If that is true and we get an
event before any sched_schedule or fork events how can we get the process
that generated the event. Would it be the init process?

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