[ltt-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng 0.248 for kernel

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at efficios.com
Fri Apr 1 00:28:38 EDT 2011

LTTng, the Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation, is a project that aims
at producing a highly efficient full system tracing solution. It is
composed of several components to allow tracing of the kernel, of
userspace, trace viewing and analysis and trace streaming. LTTng is
open source software. It is being actively developed with the community.


* LTTng 0.248
  * Rebased on latest stable kernel (
  * Fix a quilt vs git lockdep patch hunk error (all quilt patches
  * Merge a OMAP4 trace clock fix.

Project website: http://lttng.org
Download link: http://lttng.org/content/download
(please refer to the LTTng Manual for installation instructions)

Mathieu Desnoyers
Operating System Efficiency R&D Consultant
EfficiOS Inc.

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