[ltt-dev] [T&M Project] October project report

Matthew Khouzam matthew.khouzam at ericsson.com
Wed Oct 13 14:09:25 EDT 2010


It's time for the September report for Ericsson, so if you have progress
this month on the research project, please make sure it is in my
mailbox by Thursday the 16th at 11:59pm. (I need to get the report ready
for the 20th, so I only have Friday)
I'm sure your progress this month will only be enhanced by any pumpkin
related incidents.

Matthew Khouzam


The usual reminder about the contents:

We are interested in publications, presentations, important meetings,
important software releases, student arrivals and graduations, etc.

If you published papers or presentations, we would like to have a pdf
of it for Ericsson and for the project publication list (Publications
link in the ProjectWiki).
The report only consists in a date, a one-line title for the progress
element, the list of involved people, and one optional sentence to
further describe it. So this is all I need.

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