[ltt-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng 0.170 for kernel (bugfix release, stress-test)

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at polymtl.ca
Mon Nov 16 13:44:01 EST 2009


I just released lttng 0.170 which fixes concurrency problems between:

cpu hotplug
trace start/stop
marker arm/disarm

All users using LTTng since 0.165 (where the refactoring has been done)
are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

The stress-tests I have done are (in parallel):

#cpu hotplug
for b in $(seq 1 1000); do
  for a in $(find /sys/devices/system/cpu |grep online); do
    echo 0 > $a;
  for a in $(find /sys/devices/system/cpu |grep online); do
    echo 1 > $a;

for a in $(seq 1 1000); do

#trace creation/removal
for a in $(seq 1 1000); do
  rm -fr /tmp/trace2;
  /home/compudj/local/bin/lttctl -C -w /tmp/trace2 trace2;
  /home/compudj/local/bin/lttctl -D trace2;

Works fine now. I'll leave the test run longer, but about 10 minutes of
these running in parallel is fine now.


Mathieu Desnoyers
OpenPGP key fingerprint: 8CD5 52C3 8E3C 4140 715F  BA06 3F25 A8FE 3BAE 9A68

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