[ltt-dev] lttv-gui known problem list?

Steve Langstaff steve.langstaff at pebblebay.com
Tue May 19 11:59:14 EDT 2009

Hi all.

Is there a known problem list for lttv-gui?

I am just getting to grips with LTTV and, though it seems to have the
to be a useful tool, I have noticed a couple of issues with version
0.12.14-15052009 (which I am using with LTTng 0.124) and wondered whether
is anything obvious that I am doing wrong.

The issues I have seen are:

1) Trace parsing

It seems that sometimes (maybe 2 out of 3 times) trace parsing does not
work correctly - processes that I know are in the trace are not displayed,
or if they are then the trace duration appears incorrect, or their names
are missing.

The trace summary is interesting for these 'good' and 'bad' parses of
the same trace:


Statistic for  '/home/steve/Projects/lttng/traces/trace3' :

statistics summed :  1
events count :  15938
cpu time :          14.099272461
elapsed time (includes per process waiting time) :          32.392476059
cumulative cpu time (includes nested routines and modes) :


Statistic for  '/home/steve/Projects/lttng/traces/trace3' :

statistics summed :  1
cpu time :           0.000000525
events count :  15938
elapsed time (includes per process waiting time) :           0.000001207
cumulative cpu time (includes nested routines and modes) :


2) Lockup

Sometimes lttv-gui locks up, using more than 95% of my CPU (according to

I *think* that this happens when I scroll back within a trace (but this
may be a side-effect of the trace parsing badness above).


3) Selection of trace

The "select a trace" dialog uses a "file selection" dialog to select a
(rather than a file) so one has to type in a directory name when one is in
parent directory - it took me a few attempts before I guessed the magic

The rest of the tool is navigable using the mouse, so this forced use of the
keyboard is a shame.

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