[ltt-dev] Problem with tracing network events in 0.128 to 0.132

Gregory Haskins ghaskins at novell.com
Fri May 1 17:44:03 EDT 2009

Hi Mathieu, ltt-devs,
  Ive been noticing that some network related events are missing from my
traces yet when running with 30-rc2 -0.132 (and same issue was in 0.128).

I am running with ltt-statedump, kernel-trace, and net-trace loaded (and
ltt-armall after the fact).  What I see is that the interrupt for my
ethernet NIC and SOFTIRQ-3 never show up in the trace, even though they
clearly must be getting called as I can see other activity related to
packets being processed (such as the socket application running and
sleeping).  This same problem has been observed on two completely
different machines, so its not limited to a particularly funky hardware
configuration or anything like that.  It should also be noted that this
worked on both machines in past releases of LTT (for instance, the 29

I am running the latest  userspace as well (ltt-control-0.67 and
lttv-0.12.12).  This used to work, so I suspect it might be a
regression.  Of course, operator error is always a possibility as well ;)

I am willing to dig in and see if I can fix it, but I figured I would
post first to see if this is a known issue, has a workaround, or perhaps
some guiding wisdom on what to look for first.


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