[ltt-dev] How to port LTT Control on ARM?

Bryan Hsieh bryanhsieh at fihspec.com
Fri Jul 24 00:22:43 EDT 2009

Hi Matthieu, all,

I'm trying to port LTTng to Android, but I meet some problem, please help me to solve, thank you very much!
Here is my environment:
The Target Device:
ARM11 (ARM1136J(F)-S) / Linux 2.6.27 (Android 1.5)
The Host Machine:
X86 / Sun xVM Virtual Box (Unbuntu 8.10)

LTTng: 0.43
LTTV: 0.11.2
LTT Control: 0.55

The workable items:
1.      I can patch and make LTTng in target device successfully
2.      I can make and run LTTV in host machine successfully

The Problems: (I have checked the ltt-dev archives - http://lists.casi.polymtl.ca/pipermail/ltt-dev/ , but there is no information I need)
1.      I don't know how to make and install LTT Control on ARM.
2.      Do you have detail information for install LTT Control on ARM? the manual is not enough for ARM installation (http://lttng.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=lttv.git;a=blob_plain;f=LTTngManual.html)
3.      If I use cross-compiler toolchain to build LTT Control, how should I run the ./configure for autoconf, say add -host -target parameter, in my host x86 machine to make correct configuration?
4.      Where can I find ltt-arm?
5.      How to start and stop the lttd and trace? Do you have more reference?

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, thank you very much!
Best regards,
Bryan Hsieh

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