[ltt-dev] Crash recovery of traces and final TSC

Michel Dagenais michel.dagenais at polymtl.ca
Wed Jul 22 08:46:59 EDT 2009

> > When the system crashes, the end timestamp is not written in the
> > subbuffer header. Instead, the value 0 is written. This tends to make
> > LTTV crash.

Obviously LTTV should not "crash", whatever the input :-).

> > - "repair" the trace a posteriori, writing in the header the timestamp
> > of the last event found in the subbuffer?
> Yep, seems like an appropriate solution.
> > - change lttv not to not need the "end timestamp" header field?
> Hrm, it needs it for quickly seeking to specific sub-buffers.

People may expect the trace to be readonly, so relying on a posteriori
fixing is kind of unexpected. You could have a special case for the last
subbuffer, then not looking at the end time.

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