[ltt-dev] matching old kernel/user space facilities

Jim Schimandle jvs at psyncretics.com
Mon Jul 20 20:05:00 EDT 2009

I'm trying to get ltt running for a client using the TI davinci chip.

They have a mismatch in the kernel_arch_arm facility. The kernel file
ltt/facilities/ltt-facility-loader-kernel_arch_arm.h has a checksum of
0x93C7DAA1. The user space .xml file ltt-control/facilities/kernel_arch_arm.xml
has a calculated checksum of 0x2B44F74C.

lttctl reports versions of:
   Linux Trace Toolkit Trace Control 0.30-09112006
   Linux Trace Toolkit Trace Daemon 0.30-09112006

I built lttv from LinuxTraceToolkitViewer-0.8.72-06122006.tar.gz.

Since the checksums between the .xml and the kernel do not match, lttv reports:
   WARNING **: Cannot find facility kernel_arch, checksum 0x93C7DAA1
   ERROR:event.c:86:ltt_event_facility: assertion failed: (facility->exists)

I don't have a choice of kernels. My client must used the 2.6.18 kernel supplied
by TI in order to maintain TI support.

I've looked through git logs for:
but I can't find log data for ltt-facility-loader-kernel_arch_arm.h.
Note that I am not a git user under normal conditions, so it could be
I just don't have a clue how to correctly use "git log" to track file

Is there an svn or git repository for the 2.6.18 lttng kernel that I can
search to find the ltt-facility-loader-kernel_arch_arm.h that has a checksum
of 0x2B44F74C?

Jim Schimandle
Primary Syncretics
2936 Highland Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95818
+1 209 753 2560
jvs at psyncretics.com

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