[ltt-dev] LTTng Contribution licensing question

KOSAKI Motohiro kosaki.motohiro at jp.fujitsu.com
Thu Jul 9 20:05:43 EDT 2009

> Hi Lai and Kosaki,
> I hope everything is going fine for you. I was wondering if you have had
> time to look at the re-licensing question for the code you and your
> coworkers at Fijitsu contributed to LTTng ?
> We are waiting for Fujitsu approval to relicense its markers,
> tracepoints and LTTng contributions to a dual GPLv2.0+LGPL2.1 license
> before we release the userspace LTTng tracer. An update on the situation
> at Fujitsu would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the delaying.

Of cource I doesn't oppose this. You are definitely LTTng primary developer.
I don't digg that someone-else fujitsu developer don't replay or not. But
you can think all fujitsu developer accept this re-licensing.


if possible, can you please cc me when you release its userspace tracer :)

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