[ltt-dev] User Space tracing on ARM 2.6.23

Ajit R ajitrzid at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 4 09:22:53 EDT 2009

  My config is the following:
Architecture:     ARM11 MPCORE  Uniprocessor
Lttv version:     0.10.0-pre1
LTTng version:    0.10.0-pre5
LTT Control:      0.45
kernel version:

applied the userspace patches. Compilation errors in "ltt-syscall.c"

 ltt_reserve_slot(trace, channel, &transport_data, reserve_size, &slot_size, &tsc)

has to be:

ltt_reserve_slot(trace, channel, &transport_data, reserve_size, &slot_size, &tsc,cpu);


trace->ops->user_errors(trace, index, data_size, &dbg);
which has to be
trace->ops->user_errors(trace, index, data_size, &dbg,cpu);

Added this to get cpu after preempt_disable() -->

cpu = smp_processor_id();

I can see sys_ltt_trace and sys_register_markers in "/proc/kallsyms" after compilation.

From: ltt-syscall.c
 * TODO: ONLY permit userspace markers to write in userspace channels.
asmlinkage long sys_register_markers(const struct user_markers *begin,
        const struct user_markers *end)

Seems like register_markers does nothing with the system call.
Are there any examples on howto use the older userspace tracing anywhere: register_markers and ltt_trace ?



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