[ltt-dev] LTTng on arm target and LTTv on x86 host

Gaurav Singh gausinghnsit at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 07:59:46 EDT 2008

I am trying to view the details of a trace obtained on ARM target on
x86 host. I compile 2.6.24 kernel with LTTng patches and also compile
LTT control package for arm. After running LTT control pack in normal

lttctl -n trace -d -l /mnt/debugfs/ltt -t /tmp/trace'
some ops
lttctl -n trace -R

I got a trace in /tmp/trace directory

Compiled lttv-gui for x86 server running linux and ran-


selected the trace folder and got the following msgs-

** (lttv.real:31254): WARNING **: No marker of name
kernel_arch_syscall_entry found

(lttv.real:31254): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_array_remove_range: assertion
`index_ < array->len' failed

** (lttv.real:31254): WARNING **: No marker of name kernel_arch_trap_entry found
/home/gaurav/install/bin/lttv-gui: line 10: 31254 Segmentation fault
   $LTTV_CMD.real -m guievents -m guifilter -m guicontrolflow -m
resourceview -m guistatistics -m guitracecontrol $*

Qus.1. Am I following the correct procedure - cn I view target traces on host
2. I am compiling LTT contol and LTT viewer on same machines buyt
kernel on another - is that a prb?
3. What can be the reason for this error


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